Travesty of Justice after 25 years

8 Jun

7 people were sentenced to a 2 year term in jail for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy that took more that 15,000 lives and affected approximately  6 lakh people.

The case dates back to 1st December 1987 when the CBI filed its chargesheet exactly 3 years after the incident which took place on the night of 2-3rd December 1984.The government had dropped all the criminal charges against Union Carbide in the year 1989 following a compensation deal. The case was later reopend in the year 1991 on the plea of the victims.

The Indian Judicial System at its best took 25yrs (or you can say 19yrs) to bring the accused to justice. The time taken was not enough that the court gave a sentence  of 2 yrs only for killing 15 thousand people. I guess the Indian Judicial system believes in ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ as it takes years to bring people to justice and ‘ The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is attribute of the strong.’ considering the 2 year term given for death of 15thousand people.

There are over 30 million cases pending in the courts of our country. With so many cases pending ,don’t know whats the reason for the courts to go on summer vacations. Government just talks about need of fast track courts and justice but i guess its just a statement given by the government to save itself  when it is asked questions about the judicial condition of India.


5 Responses to “Travesty of Justice after 25 years”

  1. Vishal July 11, 2010 at 1:05 pm #

    First of all there is this 3-layer judicial system followed by President’s mercy. The verdict that has come by is that of first layer only, remember! High Court and Supreme Court are yet to come! In this excessively inflationery country, one thing is very cheap. Guess what? Life. Naxalites kill soldiers in dozens, terrorists kill ppl in hundreds, companies kill in thousands! What’s the price they pay? 2 yrs. This case has made me sad and has made every Indian question the existence of judicial system. I can say the solution lies in denying justice instead of delaying it. How about assessing each case in terms of quality? Let’s say keep cases that involve death, out of remaining, keep cases that are involving money of crores, out of the rest, throw out those which exist for more than 10 years. Not exactly the way I have presented but, something like that.

    • chilicheesetoast July 12, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

      very true ..this three layer judicial system is one of the worst parts of the judicial system of india. if you are found guilty in once court then u can appeal in higher court..and case remains pending for years..and years can be ages too (mostly its ages). Justice is blind.. true to the words in today’s time. it doesn’t see who is right or wrong.. just gives its decisions.. 2 years for death of 15 thousand dead is as good as justice denied.

  2. Nitin June 10, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    Addressed to the person who wrote this piece of article.
    First of all, If you can write this article i guess you are surely of age more than 22 years.( approximation & assumption )
    During all your years , still have you not understood that the lives of India & India as such is expendable. They are meant for that.

    getting only 430 million dollars for almost 3.3 billion as compensation, Indian govt actually expended the sum of money for pooor who were supposed to get compensation.. Even those 430 million didnt get their way to them. Expendable … isnt it.

    Then the judicial system has learnt so much compassion from our ancient sages, that they have adopted the vision of Vasudhev Kutumbkam idealogy to not hurt any living being. So goes only two years of punishment..

    Judiciary of India was actually saving the grace of pathetic Congress Govt, which doesnt have any spine to take action against exteremism. So to save its honour it thought at least give them this much punishment so not to ashame them of their impotency.

    Secondly, India as a country is expendable. HAvent you seen why companies come here to invest, ships from europe come here to dump their wastage…..toxic, nuclear, poisonous wastage…. why pakistan keeps proving the impotency of Indian Govt.. that watever happens… it will say … I will offer my one more cheeek to you for a slap… A favorite Gandhian dictum….

    1.3 billion people….. govt thinks ” what to worry about… we have lots of lives to expend… so come take this 2 year punishment & go.Do the formality.”

    Union Carbide was let go and No body pays heed to Indian Judicial system. US has given access to Headly after being merciful towards India because seemingly we have a large population & a strong economy to invest in … thats y..

    UAE doesnt give a damn about sending Dawood.
    Quatrochii case was solved in years..wat else u want to know..

    Seems India has got a price… the country we live n love !

  3. ram June 9, 2010 at 11:53 am #

    It is not treasury to Indian Justice but natural Indian Justice.In all circumstances judicial system, endeavor at authority level is always to delay for vested reasons well known to each one of us. Beneficiary of this system site reasons for lack of staff and in fracture.It is inefficiency of people with vested interest which delays or deny justice.

  4. Aparana June 9, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Thats mockery of Indian judiciary.Justice late,justice denied.Everybody puppet in the hands of the politicians.Indians probably born to serve the “Whites”.

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