Corporal punishment in schools

22 Jun

Rouvanjit, 13, was found hanging by a rope in a room on the roof ofhis home in Alipore on February 12. He was a student of La Martinier School, Kolkata, one of the most prestigious schools of the city. The principal,Sunirmal Chakraborty and four teachers are facing arrest for allegedly abetting the suicide of a class-VIII student.
His father Ajay Rawla says the five accused had been torturing Rouvanjit, both mentally and physically, which prompted him to take the extreme step, four months after the suicide, the familylodged a police complaint against the principal and the teachers. They say , that they were ina state of shock for the first few months after the tragedy, but later started probing the reasons for the suicide.
The principal admitted he was guilty of breaking the law (corporal punishment is banned by law) but his intention was not to hurt the boy.
Rouvanjit is said to have been punished on various occasions for misconduct . Chraborty says “It was meant to drive home the fact that he had left the school and myself with no other option. Two mild strokes were all that I had administered and he didn’t look particularly distressed either. But it was a mistake and we have archived that cane. It broke because it was old and frayed, not because I had lashed it violently. It is unfair to link the caning to the death of the 13-year-old ”
The cane with which Rouvanjit Rawla was whacked has been ‘archived’. Never again will a student be caned, the school said. They are looking for alternative ways to control unruly students but says it will desist from resorting to any punitive measure that could leave them scarred — physically or mentally.
Rouvan, said the family, “always played with his rope”, using it to swing down the stairs rather than walk down. “He practised knots. He was probably doing that. There was a cardboard carton below the hook that he must have been standing on. It tore down the middle. That is how we found it. It was an accident.”According to them he can never comitt suicide. They remember him as a cheerful teenager who could be friends with anyone from six to sixty.

Personally I feel it is unfair to link the suicide with the canning.I am not trying to justify the canning in schools or hitting children even at home but t other reasons must be probed. Being the kind of naughty cheerful person the boy was, is it possible that he got humiliated to the extent of ending his life? There could be other reasons he had. Besides, the family itself claims that he used to play with the rope often. And canning unfortunately being a regular practice all over the country but does it alone drive students to suicide? If it is such a strong catalyst, half the population would be dead by now, especially in village pathshalas.AND can we also please pay attention to beating children at home?by parents? How many Indians can boast of a childhood free from beatings (justified with whatever reason)?

Yes the law should be implemented strictly and corporal punishment effectively banned ATLEAST in schools. But should we ignore the ‘tradition’ of discipling children by whacking them. You did this??slaaaap. You did not do that??slaaaap.Along with training teachers to handle students better by making them understand child psychology and suggesting ways to deal with a particular situation, can we not do the same with parents.

Beaten by a teacher, a child can atleast go complain to the parents. But if beaten by a parent whom does he go tell? We definitely are not a 911 country yet. Anything happens you call 911. I am sure the police would be helpless as here it is the parent’s “right” to beat his child if he thinks its necessary.I know we have all heard stories how children in america call the police and to get the parents thrown into jail and parents being ‘scared’ of children.We most definitely do not want that happening here. All that i am suggesting is that parents and teachers instead just saying “consider me your friend” , they should ‘prove’ themselves as friends. And friends don’t hit each other for mistakes.

The scariest thing is that a 13year old actually had the courage to kill himself..


4 Responses to “Corporal punishment in schools”

  1. aj July 11, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    bhai aisa hai ki thora bahut to danda school meain hona chaiye, kyoki kuch so called bache lafantar/ langoor ko bhi piche chor denge.
    i agree with the view os the site administrator that how many can claim that they have never received thrashing in at home?
    There has to be more than corporal punishment at school which drove this young teenager to this act.
    I for one belive that if there is tonnes of love and caring from parents to kidsand good communication then one odd of ‘polishing’ is OK….

  2. chilicheesetoast June 23, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    Personality check for teachers before being allowed to become a teacher?

  3. Aparana June 22, 2010 at 11:50 am #

    Being in teaching line for the last 17 yrs,I strongly feel corporal punishment is a way to vent once frustration.It has a lot to do with the upbringing of the person who becomes a teacher.A bad childhood.In my present place of work we actually had to dismiss a teacher(after repeated warning).Loss of human life,is the biggest loss.

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