Shameful Show…

24 Jun

WORLD EXPO 2010 at Shanghai, India had a chance to show the world that it is a new economic, IT and military force to reckon but it failed miserably.With a theme of “Unity in Diversity”India spent a $9 millions to put of stalls on samosa, naan, lassi, rotis, yoga, shawl to name a few.Don’t know what the India goverment tried to show putting up these stalls but surely if the government has to portray India as a country with immense talent,technology,youth, and as a serious competitor tochina these are not the things to put up on display. Where were the stalls on IT industry, telecom industry,technological advancements in India… the real things showing modern India??It should have been a platform to show the world the new INDIA, the growing economy, the growing IT industry, the muscles of India…the strong India not some rural and traditional India. India should have used this platform to show the world that INDIAN TIGER is capable of defeating the Giant CHINESE DRAGON which even the US is afraid off , thus giving confidence to countries which want India to be a superior power house t china.Seriously competing with samosa’s is not a good idea.
One thing to be look forward too was the stall of INCREDIBLE INDIA …but i wished there had been someone to attend to the stall. The stall put to showcase yoga too was disappointing, two people performing different yoga aasans in a black tights and dull brown t-shirts. Seriously, why would people ,who already have traditional yoga equivalent,spend time seeing two people breathing air in and out in different style and in different positions, they would rather spend time at the beautiful stalls set by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and various other countries.

Its time that the government takes these world expo’s seriously. I feel these expo’s are a window to the world to see the nation, its advancements,strengths,talent,industries.Expo’s are the places where a lot of trade and new trading relations are made.Showcasing things which can bring investments into the country should be the basic theme of India.Having a traditional theme and spending millions of dollars and just achieving goodwill of other countries is not enough atleast for a growing a economy like India.I personally feel when u invest u should invest intelligently to get back much more returns.Hope India breaks even after investing 9million dollars in the going on Shanghai World Expo 2010.


3 Responses to “Shameful Show…”

  1. akansha June 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Nevertheless, Manmohan Singh, spoke beautifully while he bragged about India’s economic policies at G20 summit lately. While there are anachronous displays at world expo’s, there is a legacy of Indian examples that the world seeks to follow in times of crises.

    Displayed or not, they do have their eyes on India.

    Good article!

  2. Pawas June 25, 2010 at 3:30 am #

    I totally vouch for what you said…absolutely true…India has always wasted the opportunities to take a front seat in World Economy…They take about Globalization, but when it comes to taking a step forward, they show their vanity…India has immence latent talent which can be used to come forward…India should use it wisely…

  3. Utsav June 25, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    I jus would like to say “DITTO”….everytime wen it comes to show our talent it seems sum virus enters into their brain and they tend to go for such a pathetic selection…really shameful for us…..i was also shocked to see the same…A BOLT FROM THE BLUE….

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