Dadagiri YA Faltoogiri..

7 Jul

Reality shows are the in thing now. Every channel is in the race with their own particular shows running. Themes from everywhere – singing (Indian Idol,Voice of India), dance (Dance India Dance,Nach Baliye) comedy(laughter challenge, Comedy circus) travelling( MTV Roadies) or giving mileage to small time celebrities (Big Boss, Desi Girl, swayamvar).

But this one show in particular is pricking my eyes (and brain) D3 COMMANDO FORCE: DADAGIRI AGAINST TERRORISM. Most imaginative (faltoo) format by far..creating a commando ready to take on the enemies of the nation. These people are shouldering the responsibility of  ensuring national security.

In 2008 they started with the season 1 – DADAGIRI: BEAT THE BULLIES. In a very short time the show has gone from training duds against bullies to training dudes against terrorists.

The show hosts or dadas or whatever are “India’s best ex-Army Commandos”  (how they got this rating, no one knows). Set along the lines of an actual Commando Training Course they coach you to rescue yourself, your loved ones and your country in times when she needs you the most (this is what is written on the website). These ex-best commandos have agreed to “train”  future Commandos on a T.V. camera by making the contestants do a few of the obstacles that a REAL commando does during his training. Now i do have better things to do but i still decided to try to watch a few episodes because of the army-army thing (papa is a fauji so…)

And here is a little insight into the training aspects of future commandos of the nation born right in front of your eyes to  save OUR lives from terrorists –

Selection Criteria:- To get into the defence forces you need to give a written exam, pass one of the toughest interviews the SSB, go through a strict medical examination and then finally when you make it through, the training begins off the camera. But to be a D3 commando all you need to do is shout ” Bharat Maata ki Jai” louder than everyone else. Then you get the commando training on the beaches of Goa. Simple :) Agreed it does look and feels very patriotic when you shot aloud “Bharat Maata ki Jai” but is that ALL you need?!Few others got selected because they were rebellious, adamant and had a commando like body. And the rest had an emotional story to tell with a point to be proven to parents, family, friends (who doesnt?!). So people this is how you recognise a potential commando.

The hosts and Training Officer:-  Here is a link to the profiles of training officers ( Anyone who knows someone serving the Indian army would know that if the the officers decide to make their CV, even the most ordinary ones will look better than  these put up on the web. My dad only will have a 10times bigger CV if he lists everything he has done in his career as an army officer and still counting. All 3 of them are probably short service commissioned because they haven’t served for more than 5-6years. But in these 5-6years they gained enough knowledge and experience to handle national security single handedly. And WHY are they wearing their uniforms on TV. Once you leave army you are not entitled to wear the uniform obviously!

And my favorite host Vishal “DADA”. He is either Mentally Unstable or wannabe-Raghu (infact the whole show seems to be wannabe roadies.) The way he speaks, loses temper on every other thing, throws around chairs, stools. What exactly is he trying to show?? He is the coolest hunk moving around in the country? Or is he going to be the General officer commanding the commando team that is being created? Here is Vishal Bhonsale’s background –

  • Hotel management graduate
  • Winner of Gladrags Best Physique 2001
  • Personal trainer to Vijay Mallya
  • Has appeared in ads and TV serials

*Speechless* My safety is in the hands of a hotel management graduate who is also personal trainer of Vijay Malya…looking at his perfect round shape obviously i feel very secure.

His answers to the questions on the official website of D3 commando are awesome fun!

Why D3? Been associated with the show for a while now.

Two Essential War Items: Attitude.

No love for the nation or the urge to fight the terrorists for safety. Just because he has been associated with the show he is still there. Tere baap ka show hai kya???

And our dude doesn’t require any weapons, ammunitions, knives, ration..nothing for the war. HE is a ‘real commando’. Will win the war only with his attitude. RAMBO 6. Ironically if you give such lame answers to these questions during auditions he would have shouted his head off, spit flying in all directions and probably slapped you or something.

The Show:- I dont know how many people watch this show but I pray that whoever does watch it, doesn’t get false ideas about the real commando training. No where in the army they have men and women training together in black vests and green baggy cargos. From the training days only they are taught to be polished and sophisticated and not shout obscenities at each other. AND most important, training doesn’t happen on the beaches of Goa with the makeup on for cameras. May be the training officers Capt. Kshitij Sharma, Capt. Dharamveer Singh and Capt. Albert Louis are so unemployed that they decided to forget all this from their training days.

Who knows soon we’l see the army and the government put out of action by this Bindaas ONE MAN ARMY commando fighting the terrorists, naxalites, help out during the natural calamities, digging out children from pits etc etc. and maybe even giving out training lessons to the defence services.


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