VIP Movement claims life

11 Jul

PM’s visit has claimed yet another life.This time it was his visit to IIT-Kanpur that took the life of an eight year old boy. The roads to the hospital were blocked by security. It took about 1hour for a 5 min drive to the hospital that was just a kilometer away. The boy had a serious head injury from an accident at home and was declared brought dead at the hospital.

It is not the first time that such an incident has happened. There have been such deaths on previous occassions as well. One that I remember, was of a kidney patient in Ambala who could not be taken to the hospital in Chandigarh (1/2 hour form Ambala) as the Ambala- Chandigarh highway was sealed for PM’s convoy.

It is very common to divert flights and seal off air space in case the PM/President (or any VIP)  has to catch a flight from IGI airport. Due to a recent VIP movement at IGI airport, three flights were diverted to Jaipur airport. These flights had just 3 mins, 10 mins and 13 mins of fuel left to remain airborne. It would have been a major disaster if they did not land on time or if the distance to Jaipur had been a few extra kilometers more.

A few months ago, I had gone for a walk to marine drive in the evening around 6. The distance is about 20mins by bus. After the walk, about an hour later I went to the Bus stop to catch a bus back home. After waiting for about 45minutes – still no bus (the frequency is like 10minutes). I then started looking for a cab but all the cabbies refused to go because the roads were blocked for Mr. Rahul Gandhi. After the lal batti’s left, i somehow reached home around 8.30. At home they thought I lied about the walk and went elsewhere.

Sometime back in 2008 fellow blogger and I had a similar but much worse experience. We were near chowpatty and had to cross the road to go to Charni Road station. The Presidents Convoy was coming so the whole road was blocked. There wasn’t a single bus,auto or taxi for a stretch of 2 KM and it was raining hard. Clearing the road of all traffic is okay for the convoy moves by at 80km/hr and a specific stretch of road is utilized only for a span of 3-4 mins. But then atleast let me walk on the footpath leading to my destination (which by the way was 5minutes away)!! We waited for about 1 hour under the umbrella just to see 32 vehicle escorting President Pratibha Devi Patil.

Is the convoy/flight of the so called Public Figure more important than the public itself?? Ready to lick your feet during elections but otherwise they don’t give a damn. Even  the President does not have the right to  disrupt the normal lives of the normal people but if the need be, we can be put on hold even for PM’s dog.


3 Responses to “VIP Movement claims life”

  1. Ram July 14, 2010 at 8:59 am #

    Safe passage to VIP at one hand and saving life at another,both are equally important.We need to strike a balance because due to loss of 1VIP life we cannot have loss of many lives.When it comes to saving life VIP has to think and personally involve themselves so that inconvenience is not caused.In enthusiasm security forces also need to see the and take a human angle.Loss of life
    has equal value VIP or an ordinary human being.Restriction i movement during VIP moves should be time bound(limited).

  2. Devil's Advocate July 12, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    Look, VIPs get this type of treatment everywhere. It is NOT an
    Indian problem alone. To some extent, it is important to provide
    them the traffic relief because, like it or not, they are serving
    us (some of what they do is actually helpful). The solution lies
    in creating better infrastructure, setting detours, and as much
    advance notice as possible without compromising security to miminize
    the trouble to the aam aadmi. Of course, any public citizen who is
    a direct victimn of mismanagement deserves just compensation. BTW,
    this special treatment should be reserved for only a few categories,
    not anyone who can stick a flashing light and a ducbious title on the
    grill of an ambassador car. Come to think about it, anyone in an
    ambassador car probably needs protection now a days, so I can
    sympathize with them :)

  3. Vishal July 11, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    I think they should make a permanant solution for such situations. It wld be necessary for VIPs to be safe and therefore roadblock is a requirement. But people’s lives must not be taken for a toss. I think they (govt) shld make an org to handle such situations, bcoz right now, only cops and other govt employees are handling these jobs whose aim is single-minded. We need the persons who are trained to handle the convoys and ppl’s transport at the same time. May be some innovative idea or even stealing idea from other nations would not do any harm. I can not give any ideas as I don’t have any knowledge as to how things are managed or should be managed but someone in the transport and road dept would surely have some sensible idea.

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