Hate me, fry me, bake me, try me…All the above ’cause you can’t get in!

12 Jul

He has eight legs, has never ever touched a football but is already the biggest football star of the world. 2010 Football World Cup has been ‘Paul’ the octopus’s world cup. St Paul of football. He rose to fame by predicting the outcome of 8matches correctly (3 in league matches, 1 in super 16, 1 in super 8, 1 for semi final, 1 for 3rd place and 1 for the finals). Paul started his career in UEFA Euro 2008 tournament by correctly predicting the outcome of 4 out of 6 matches played by Germany.

Its not been a bed of mussels for the ‘Octopus Baba’. He has been receiving death threats (recipes to cook an octopus) from all over the world. The Germans turned again this one ‘German’ who is blamed for the teams exit. A 350,000 strong crowd watched the semi-final singing anti-octopus songs. Argentinean supporters expressed a desire to eat him in an act of vengeance. Many wanted him grilled, fried, barbecued, turned into a seafood salad, thrown into the shark tank or made into Octopus Sushi. Fondly know as “El Pulpo Paul” in Spain, he was offered Political Asylum and a Spanish security team in Germany by the Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Paul’s keeper in Oberhausen, Germany said “there are always people who want to eat our octopus but he is not shy and we are here to protect him as well. He will survive.” Nevertheless the security was beefed up.

But Paul is a professional oracle who is least bothered with the threats. Some of his predictions were carried live on national television and he doesn’t even care that hundreds of journalists are watching and commenting on every move he makes. Unfortunately Paul is unlikely to make it to the 2014 World Cup. At two-and-a-half years of age he is just 6 months away from the maximum lifespan of an Octopus. The psycho will “go into retirement” and do what he likes to do best : play with his handlers and delight children who come visit to him (said the spokeswoman for the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen).

India is known as the land of snake charmers and superstitions but we now know it well that the world is no different! We have always had the future tellers carrying totas (parrots). In Cape Town, South Africa, another octopus  named Jabulani had also picked Spain as the final winner. May be there is some thing supernatural with them or just the theory of probability. What ever it is, I say make the most of it before Paul dies! Get him a bullet proof aquarium and let him breed some cute little psychic octopuses.

Watch this if you can. I couldnt…

Kaash Paulie ke saath ye na ho.


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