EnGineeR mAde IN InDia (Part 1 : in School)

17 Jul

It starts with the class 10th CBSE results. GENERALLY the highest scorers take Science, the second highest flick in for commerce and the rest have no choice other than humanities. But life is equally hard for all. A lot of our friends are currently pursuing and shall soon be world class engineers. All from different colleges but the same story line. This post is a narrative of the stories of some of those friends and figments of my imagination…

Lets call him Eddy.

When the class 10th results were declared, I couldn’t understand how I managed a 92% (to be precise 91.6%). Automatically it was decided that I had the brains for PCM and ultimately the mighty IIT/ AIEEE. They say – Dream big, Aim high. So I too dreamt about joining the elitist engineering institution – The Indian Institute of Technology.

A lot of aspirers start preparing for the IIT entrance exams from classes 6th and 7th. I started in class 11th. Even the Coaching classes that prepare you for these exams have their own set of entrance exams. Applying for the classes, it was the first time I saw an OMR sheet. Sheer excitement and absolute precision. The look of the sheet with tiny black dots all over was nothing like I had ever seen before. Like black pearls placed on pinkish silken cloth. Illusioned, I sat for the exams. How difficult could these exams be after all? When the reality struck me, it struck real hard. Physics, Chemistry, Math…half hour passed searching the entire paper for those questions I could be sure of. But NO…none whatsoever.  I had just about enough common sense combined with the experience of giving exams (past 10years) to be able to answer a few questions and stick to the seat for the 3 hours. The basic aim was not be the first one to get out of the examination hall. As expected, I did not get through any of the renowned coaching institutes and so I took the next best thing – normal tuitions.

PCM straight away means tuitions. You can now spend more time out of the house than at home and that too officially. School attendance is maintained a just a little more than the minimum required. From there straight to coaching classes.  Half the time is spent on the bike and the other half in the tuition center. You become a guest in your own house. In the starting its the josh. After giving two to three exams at the coaching centre you realize that you are the AIEEE level. Not IIT.  Two more exams later, the State Level colleges start looking decent enough. Whatever you do (watch movies, play counter strike at reliance web world, take rounds of the houses of the pretty things in your class)just make sure to leave and enter home in the same time slot as the tuitions. Though eventually one day you will be caught and subjected to a loooong bhashan ( which goes in from one ear and simultaneously  flows out from the other one) after which (for a few days), friends are instructed not to call or come home and you confine yourself to the study table but keep staring at the open book and the coloured pictures of the strange structural figures of the organic compounds or invest your time in something worthy…like impressing a potential girlfriend over  SMS’s.

The year ended (class 11th) and for class 12th, I promised myself to give in all I have. After 2 months into the new class I went back to firing bullets, driving high speed cars or kicking football over a LAN game somewhere in the heart of the city (this time I took better precautions not to get caught).

Almost immediately after class 12th CBSE exams, the dreaded Sunday’s started coming one by one. IIT JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, MANIPAL, VITEEE, NMAT…. Perfect day for exams. I had filled every form. Kissi mein toh ho jaye ga yaar!! When the results were announced, my parents’ dreams of IIT’s were shattered. The ranks weren’t good enough to get admission in any of the choicest colleges.  They consoled me (more themselves) and said..Jo hota hai acche ke liye hi hota hai.



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