Knight And Day

17 Jul

Genre : Action Comedy

Starring : Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

For the first 30minutes, I couldnt understand what is happening. Tom Cruise single handedly killed everyone on the plane including the pilots. He is every bit the typical bollywood hero who starts fighting anywhere and everywhere and never ever gets hit by a bullet. The only thing Cameron says is  “where am i?” and  “who are you?”  because she is repeatedly drugged by him for unkwon reasons. Its like watching a Hindi action movie dubbed in English and with better looking extras.

Do not waste money on this one. Dowanload it and watch if you MUST.


One Response to “Knight And Day”

  1. Aparna July 27, 2010 at 5:07 am #

    Fading shades and popularity of Tom Cruise.Don’t think he will cruise along for long.

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