Khatta Meetha

23 Jul

Genere : Comedy

Starring : Akshay Kumar, Rajpal Yadav and others

Because I went with really really really low expectations so the movie wasn’t all that bad. Atleast before interval. Even though the jokes were forced and ridiculous but still funny because its hard not to laugh at Akshay Kumar. Saw Jhony Lever after really long and as usual he was unnecessary and irritating. Rajpal Yadav is the dude. There were 3 songs (plus 1 in the end with rolling credits. This song is ironically called “‘I am allergic to bullshit” ). Obviously all of them had no relation to script what-so-ever but I kinda like the 1st song (the one they keep playing on TV) and MARATHI RAP!! Now that was definitely a first time for me. The direction is extremely stupid. I wouldn’t go into the details except for this one awesome blooper…the heroin commits suicide in a saree (thats not the blooper) is operated, admitted in ICU in the same saree and even wears it to office next day. How cool is that. Besides that she is also quite forgiving (which is extremely misleading for the male population out there). She gets slapped by Akshay Kumar in college, meets him after a few years when he puts her career so much into trouble that she attempts suicide, STILL she forgives him when he gives a 2seconds speech. That too without a sorry. And probably I could have acted better than her! Eik mauke ki talaash hai…
They killed a lot of good people unnecessarily and I felt very bad :(

Watch it if your parents offer.

**Just by the way – The kid sitting behind me kicked the seat minimum 5 times, coffee mein sugar bohot kam tha.


One Response to “Khatta Meetha”

  1. chilicheesetoast July 24, 2010 at 12:29 am #

    and yeh i forgot to mention – khatta meetha is also a publicity campaign for Big Boss baniyaan.

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