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Be sophisticated atleast if not respected

18 Jul

After the Olympic Games, Commonwealth is the second most popular game event in the world in terms of number of multinational athletes and participating teams. It is held once every four years. The ‘Friendly Games‘ are starting from 3rd October 2010 and are being hosted in Delhi. Its because of this 12 day gaming carnival, the city has seen rise has a seen a lot of development in the past few months. Rs 3,472 crore funds have been released by the Union government for making Common wealth games a grand success plus the funds given by the Common wealth federation.

There is this one place in Delhi that is being ignored from all the beautification work and being treated as if it doesn’t exist. That one place is the G.B. Road. Since prostitution is not legal in India, so legally this place does not exist and thus no funds were allotted for the development of this particular area. Besides prostitution, this area is famous for renowned hardware materials. This is the last of the five red-light areas in Delhi during the Mughal era. All others were closed down by the British, and this one named after a British collector Garstin Bastion. In 1965, the name was officially changed to Swami Shradhanand Marg. This place has 20 buildings housing 84 brothels and is a home to almost 4,500 sex workers.

The interesting part is even though the government is officially ignoring GB Road but it seems to have given an unofficial not to the development in this place as over one hundred thousand visitors are expected for the Commonwealth games. Which is why the NGO’s and owners of brothels have taken up to facelift the area and match up to the rest of the city. This oldest and the biggest red light area is not less historically important as  compared to other places according to the workers here.

It’s a simple 3 point agenda :

  1. Make the place comfortable
  2. Polish the girls for high end clientele
  3. Cater to the increase in demand

The paan spit-stained walls and dingy interiors have been replaced with new beds, clean sheets, tiles, receptionist corner, split AC’s, LCD’s, Refrigerators and everything else that the visitors might need while conducting their core business. The idea is to create an ambience in which the Games tourist, driven by more than a lust for sports, can have a bit of fun  in greater comfort. But the residents are concerned that the bad state of roads would turn away the ‘valuable’ foreign tourists who shell out large amount of money.

The sex workers are learning to speak basic English – Hello, How are you?, Please use condoms. They are also reading books to gain basic knowledge of foreign languages. Other grooming lessons include politeness and courtesy. A few handpicked by the brothel madams, are being groomed by ‘experts’ specially hired for the purpose. Steps are being taken to ensure the safety of these women. They are being tested for HIV virus. The government has been requested to ensure that the foreigner have also had a complete medical check-up to prevent ‘alien diseases’. Apparently during the Asian Games in 1982 there was a rise in STD cases. But the workers say that they are capable of taking care of themselves and such excess formalities will affect their business. They are concerned that their clients might be harassed by police and touts. The girls want to ensure that no foreigner is cheated and goes home with a bad image of country. Such proud Indians.

There is approximately 50 per cent shortfall in the number of women available in New Delhi. 25 per cent of this will be met by the A-list prostitutes from Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bangalore, and the other 25 per cent will be sourced from Punjab and Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and the North East.

Its speculated that because the government has been unable to prepare the venues for the event and the preparation of the athletes isn’t all that good, the officials want to diverting the attention of the visiting athletes, officials and spectators from the main event.

Like all other markets, this also follows the simple demand and supply principle of economics. Double the rates and increase the workforce.

The pimps claim that the flow of money through a mega prostitution extravaganza is likely to be much higher than what the government of India would be spending as an overall expenditure to hold the event. Some Escort agencies have fixed the rates as high as Rs 23,000 Per hour for the foreign clients.

What is the definition of good clients to them? Who does not bargain too much, pays properly before and after the service and remains gentle throughout.

And Who are the worst clients? Army (they come in groups and also leave them unpaid. Even the dalals don’t dare to take on the these people as they are powerful)


Kashmir on the boil

12 Jul
Who had thought that a tear-gas shell fired over a crowded street on 11th June in Srinagar’s Rajouri Kadal area would land with utmost precision, on Tufail Mattoo, ripping apart the seventeen year olds’ skull.
Since then, Kashmir’s cities have seen a wave of murderous clashes between Police and protestors. Following particularly intense clashes in early July, the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Government asked Army troops to stand by to assist civilian authority in Srinagar.

For the young men who have been battling Police, Mattoo was a martyr for their cause. His loved ones don’t seem to see it in quite the same way.Mattoo, the accidental martyr’s father, gently argued with protestors who wanted to march in procession with his son’s body to a graveyard where hundreds of those killed in the separatist movement are buried.His father said,his son wasn’t seeking martyrdom,just trying to make his way home from school.On national television, he disapproved of the rioting that broke out after his son’s death.
The parents of at least some of the men who have died since, seem to feel the same way. Even though Muzaffar Ahmad Bhat’s family were furious at the Police, who chased their son into the stream where he drowned on July 5,they rejected pleas from leaders to have their child buried at the Mazhar-e-Shauhda. So did the family of Fayyaz Ahmad Wani, who was killed a few hours later.

The violence that has torn Kashmir apart this summer. However,the truth is that the violence has been concentrated in small urban pockets, not even the entire Kashmir Valley.Langate,between volatile Srinagar and Baramulla, has seen no violence. Neither has Kupwara. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s home district, Ganderbal, saw just six clashes in which only one civilian was injured. In Kulgam, Geelani’s supporters have, despite the backing of elements of the PDP, failed to spark off any significant unrest.Similar clashes have claimed lives on a regular basis since 2006. J&K’s decision to call in the Army was driven by fears that protestors might target an on going Amarnath Yatra(started on 1st July). The Army’s presence, the State Government hoped, would persuade public opinion in Jammu that it was taking all possible measures to end the violence.

Few though, have paused to ask the important questions: who are the protestors? What are their aims? Who are their leaders? And what, if anything, can authorities do about the problem?
Indian authorities have intercepted conversations, which suggest local activists of Islamists groups have paid small groups of agitators to initiate protests by throwing stones at the Police.Officials say funds for this uprising have come from Pakistan-based organisations sympathetic to Islamists in Kashmir and jihadist groups have backed the protestors. On ground, though, it is the public of Jammu and Kashmir that is facing lathis and bullets of police. And if the intelligence agencies have intercepted such converstions then why dont they arrest such poeple for creating unrest against country??
Kashmir’s politicians are struggling to find a language with which to address the problem. “These young people”, said the state’s former Deputy Chief Minister, Muzaffar Husain Beigh, last week, “they listen to no-one”.
The State and the Center are yet to find a concrete solution to the upheaval that has ripped apart the Kashmir Valley.Indefinite curfews, and army flag marches,barring of bulk sms are few of the temporary solution. But what is needed is a permanent solution, the which atleast stays for a year or two. The Home Minister ,who i  personally feel is on the verge of failing to tackle the naxal issue, has made a statement asking parents to control their teenage children and not to let them out during curfew. Statements are not what are required here, that too a request.

An all party meet was called by J&K CM Omar Abdullah to find a way out of the crisis in the state. The decisions taken were not very impressive.The decisions taken were:
1. To bring PM’s attention towards the cirsis(as if PM isn’t already aware of the crisis).
2. An appeal to all parties irrespective of affiliation, to help in the peace process.
3. Inquiry should be held on the killings of civilians by secuirty personels in the recent violence.
4. The last point of the meeting urged upon the government to strengthen the on going peace process .
It took four hours to decide upon these points which everyone like us must have already thought about while watching tv at dinner time.

Since I have started writing this blog, I read news more often and  the only thing that I have  realized again is that Indian lives are expendable – Bhopal gas tragedy, naxal attacks and now lives lost on streets of Kashmir.

Hate me, fry me, bake me, try me…All the above ’cause you can’t get in!

12 Jul

He has eight legs, has never ever touched a football but is already the biggest football star of the world. 2010 Football World Cup has been ‘Paul’ the octopus’s world cup. St Paul of football. He rose to fame by predicting the outcome of 8matches correctly (3 in league matches, 1 in super 16, 1 in super 8, 1 for semi final, 1 for 3rd place and 1 for the finals). Paul started his career in UEFA Euro 2008 tournament by correctly predicting the outcome of 4 out of 6 matches played by Germany.

Its not been a bed of mussels for the ‘Octopus Baba’. He has been receiving death threats (recipes to cook an octopus) from all over the world. The Germans turned again this one ‘German’ who is blamed for the teams exit. A 350,000 strong crowd watched the semi-final singing anti-octopus songs. Argentinean supporters expressed a desire to eat him in an act of vengeance. Many wanted him grilled, fried, barbecued, turned into a seafood salad, thrown into the shark tank or made into Octopus Sushi. Fondly know as “El Pulpo Paul” in Spain, he was offered Political Asylum and a Spanish security team in Germany by the Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Paul’s keeper in Oberhausen, Germany said “there are always people who want to eat our octopus but he is not shy and we are here to protect him as well. He will survive.” Nevertheless the security was beefed up.

But Paul is a professional oracle who is least bothered with the threats. Some of his predictions were carried live on national television and he doesn’t even care that hundreds of journalists are watching and commenting on every move he makes. Unfortunately Paul is unlikely to make it to the 2014 World Cup. At two-and-a-half years of age he is just 6 months away from the maximum lifespan of an Octopus. The psycho will “go into retirement” and do what he likes to do best : play with his handlers and delight children who come visit to him (said the spokeswoman for the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen).

India is known as the land of snake charmers and superstitions but we now know it well that the world is no different! We have always had the future tellers carrying totas (parrots). In Cape Town, South Africa, another octopus  named Jabulani had also picked Spain as the final winner. May be there is some thing supernatural with them or just the theory of probability. What ever it is, I say make the most of it before Paul dies! Get him a bullet proof aquarium and let him breed some cute little psychic octopuses.

Watch this if you can. I couldnt…

Kaash Paulie ke saath ye na ho.

VIP Movement claims life

11 Jul

PM’s visit has claimed yet another life.This time it was his visit to IIT-Kanpur that took the life of an eight year old boy. The roads to the hospital were blocked by security. It took about 1hour for a 5 min drive to the hospital that was just a kilometer away. The boy had a serious head injury from an accident at home and was declared brought dead at the hospital.

It is not the first time that such an incident has happened. There have been such deaths on previous occassions as well. One that I remember, was of a kidney patient in Ambala who could not be taken to the hospital in Chandigarh (1/2 hour form Ambala) as the Ambala- Chandigarh highway was sealed for PM’s convoy.

It is very common to divert flights and seal off air space in case the PM/President (or any VIP)  has to catch a flight from IGI airport. Due to a recent VIP movement at IGI airport, three flights were diverted to Jaipur airport. These flights had just 3 mins, 10 mins and 13 mins of fuel left to remain airborne. It would have been a major disaster if they did not land on time or if the distance to Jaipur had been a few extra kilometers more.

A few months ago, I had gone for a walk to marine drive in the evening around 6. The distance is about 20mins by bus. After the walk, about an hour later I went to the Bus stop to catch a bus back home. After waiting for about 45minutes – still no bus (the frequency is like 10minutes). I then started looking for a cab but all the cabbies refused to go because the roads were blocked for Mr. Rahul Gandhi. After the lal batti’s left, i somehow reached home around 8.30. At home they thought I lied about the walk and went elsewhere.

Sometime back in 2008 fellow blogger and I had a similar but much worse experience. We were near chowpatty and had to cross the road to go to Charni Road station. The Presidents Convoy was coming so the whole road was blocked. There wasn’t a single bus,auto or taxi for a stretch of 2 KM and it was raining hard. Clearing the road of all traffic is okay for the convoy moves by at 80km/hr and a specific stretch of road is utilized only for a span of 3-4 mins. But then atleast let me walk on the footpath leading to my destination (which by the way was 5minutes away)!! We waited for about 1 hour under the umbrella just to see 32 vehicle escorting President Pratibha Devi Patil.

Is the convoy/flight of the so called Public Figure more important than the public itself?? Ready to lick your feet during elections but otherwise they don’t give a damn. Even  the President does not have the right to  disrupt the normal lives of the normal people but if the need be, we can be put on hold even for PM’s dog.

Shameful Show…

24 Jun

WORLD EXPO 2010 at Shanghai, India had a chance to show the world that it is a new economic, IT and military force to reckon but it failed miserably.With a theme of “Unity in Diversity”India spent a $9 millions to put of stalls on samosa, naan, lassi, rotis, yoga, shawl to name a few.Don’t know what the India goverment tried to show putting up these stalls but surely if the government has to portray India as a country with immense talent,technology,youth, and as a serious competitor tochina these are not the things to put up on display. Where were the stalls on IT industry, telecom industry,technological advancements in India… the real things showing modern India??It should have been a platform to show the world the new INDIA, the growing economy, the growing IT industry, the muscles of India…the strong India not some rural and traditional India. India should have used this platform to show the world that INDIAN TIGER is capable of defeating the Giant CHINESE DRAGON which even the US is afraid off , thus giving confidence to countries which want India to be a superior power house t china.Seriously competing with samosa’s is not a good idea.
One thing to be look forward too was the stall of INCREDIBLE INDIA …but i wished there had been someone to attend to the stall. The stall put to showcase yoga too was disappointing, two people performing different yoga aasans in a black tights and dull brown t-shirts. Seriously, why would people ,who already have traditional yoga equivalent,spend time seeing two people breathing air in and out in different style and in different positions, they would rather spend time at the beautiful stalls set by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and various other countries.

Its time that the government takes these world expo’s seriously. I feel these expo’s are a window to the world to see the nation, its advancements,strengths,talent,industries.Expo’s are the places where a lot of trade and new trading relations are made.Showcasing things which can bring investments into the country should be the basic theme of India.Having a traditional theme and spending millions of dollars and just achieving goodwill of other countries is not enough atleast for a growing a economy like India.I personally feel when u invest u should invest intelligently to get back much more returns.Hope India breaks even after investing 9million dollars in the going on Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Corporal punishment in schools

22 Jun

Rouvanjit, 13, was found hanging by a rope in a room on the roof ofhis home in Alipore on February 12. He was a student of La Martinier School, Kolkata, one of the most prestigious schools of the city. The principal,Sunirmal Chakraborty and four teachers are facing arrest for allegedly abetting the suicide of a class-VIII student.
His father Ajay Rawla says the five accused had been torturing Rouvanjit, both mentally and physically, which prompted him to take the extreme step, four months after the suicide, the familylodged a police complaint against the principal and the teachers. They say , that they were ina state of shock for the first few months after the tragedy, but later started probing the reasons for the suicide.
The principal admitted he was guilty of breaking the law (corporal punishment is banned by law) but his intention was not to hurt the boy.
Rouvanjit is said to have been punished on various occasions for misconduct . Chraborty says “It was meant to drive home the fact that he had left the school and myself with no other option. Two mild strokes were all that I had administered and he didn’t look particularly distressed either. But it was a mistake and we have archived that cane. It broke because it was old and frayed, not because I had lashed it violently. It is unfair to link the caning to the death of the 13-year-old ”
The cane with which Rouvanjit Rawla was whacked has been ‘archived’. Never again will a student be caned, the school said. They are looking for alternative ways to control unruly students but says it will desist from resorting to any punitive measure that could leave them scarred — physically or mentally.
Rouvan, said the family, “always played with his rope”, using it to swing down the stairs rather than walk down. “He practised knots. He was probably doing that. There was a cardboard carton below the hook that he must have been standing on. It tore down the middle. That is how we found it. It was an accident.”According to them he can never comitt suicide. They remember him as a cheerful teenager who could be friends with anyone from six to sixty.

Personally I feel it is unfair to link the suicide with the canning.I am not trying to justify the canning in schools or hitting children even at home but t other reasons must be probed. Being the kind of naughty cheerful person the boy was, is it possible that he got humiliated to the extent of ending his life? There could be other reasons he had. Besides, the family itself claims that he used to play with the rope often. And canning unfortunately being a regular practice all over the country but does it alone drive students to suicide? If it is such a strong catalyst, half the population would be dead by now, especially in village pathshalas.AND can we also please pay attention to beating children at home?by parents? How many Indians can boast of a childhood free from beatings (justified with whatever reason)?

Yes the law should be implemented strictly and corporal punishment effectively banned ATLEAST in schools. But should we ignore the ‘tradition’ of discipling children by whacking them. You did this??slaaaap. You did not do that??slaaaap.Along with training teachers to handle students better by making them understand child psychology and suggesting ways to deal with a particular situation, can we not do the same with parents.

Beaten by a teacher, a child can atleast go complain to the parents. But if beaten by a parent whom does he go tell? We definitely are not a 911 country yet. Anything happens you call 911. I am sure the police would be helpless as here it is the parent’s “right” to beat his child if he thinks its necessary.I know we have all heard stories how children in america call the police and to get the parents thrown into jail and parents being ‘scared’ of children.We most definitely do not want that happening here. All that i am suggesting is that parents and teachers instead just saying “consider me your friend” , they should ‘prove’ themselves as friends. And friends don’t hit each other for mistakes.

The scariest thing is that a 13year old actually had the courage to kill himself..

Congress government- A Government without SPINE

12 Jun

The Congress government again proved that it had always been a party without spine. Whether its the issue of Afzal Guru, Ajmal Kasab,Ottavio Quattrocchi or now Warren Anderson the Congress Government has never been able to take a tough stand on bringing them to justice. Fugitives are not even afraid to visit the country, the biggest example being, the visit of Douglas Devnanda,a member of the visiting Sri Lanka delegation, accused of murder and kidnap for ransom.

More shameful for the government is the fact that, the then Rajiv Gandhi government actually Mr Rajiv Gandhi himself is being accused to have allowed Anderson to leave the country very well knowing that once he leaves he wouldn’t come back ever. This is what the people of Bhopal got for then voting a congress government in the sate as well as in the center. The name of Warren Anderson was not on even on the wanted list of CBI website till recently.

The government has always tried to have a better bilateral relationships with other countries than giving preference to its own citizens.Anderson being a US citizen, the government surely must have been under pressure of US and thus allowed him to leave. Similar will be the story with the nuclear deal with India falling into a US trap.

Its high time that the government took a tough stand on the factors affecting the nation whether it is Warren Anderson, Afzal Guru, naxalites or price rise.