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15 Aug

Genre : Chick Flick (whatever it means!), Romantic Comedy

Starring : Abhay Deol, Sonam Kapoor

This review is coming in almost a week late. We saw Aisha on the very first day drawn by the attractive trailers and Gal mitthi mitthi bol. The movie is about the lives of rich Delhi people who are always dressed perfectly and stay only on the beautiful side of the city. Aisha’s hobby is matchmaking and she is always secretly trying to set up people she thinks are perfect for each other. She wants her loved ones to find love and be happy. The first half is funny and light and everyone loves her. But in the second half everyone starts hating her sort of suddenly. Short mein, the story :

Aisha is setting up small town girl with rich irritating dude who likes Aisha actually but no one knows that. Aisha’s bff and rich dude hate eachother but all of a sudden fall in love. Aisha and Abhay Deol keep fighting the whole time but in the end they realize they love eachother (surprise surprise!) Between this a few other characters come and go.

Basic plot where boy likes girl, girl doesn’t like him but likes someone else who likes someone else, some other girl likes the boy and no one knows who likes who. Still the movie is not bad. Especially the music. Gal mitthi mitthi bol has been playing on loop ever since. Shefali, Saurabh and Randhir are THA BEST. Sonam Kapoor has a sort of irritating nasal twang but looks very very good. And Abhay Deol is wasted. I wish he had more to do in the movie other than just hanging out at Sonam Kapoors home (and making fun of her) in his business suits.


Happy Friendship Day………NOT!

2 Aug

I started receiving Happy Friendship Day messages since 9pm on 31st July 2010 and I dint even know Friendship Day was coming up. Initially it was okay but suddenly around 12, my inbox got flooded with names I had long forgotten. Wishing Happy Birthday or Happy New Year at 12am is okay…but beyond that NO its not. Specially not if you send shayari or song lyrics to celebrate my friendship. I mean isnt it wierd reading – Thanks a lot for being such a wonderful friend and always being there for me when I needed you. You have the most specialest place in my heart that guarantees you my support and shoulder even when the whole world is against you. Tu hai toh I’l be alright..! – and then wondering : Who the hell is this?! (This is not an exact message but the general sentiment that such sms’s are meant to convey.)

I appreciate your enthusiasm and concern (?) for my friendship but honestly if it wasn’t for the free messaging, would you bother? I am not against the sentiment of friendship..infact I love it when good friends wish each other Happy Fraanship Day. This is where you should ask me (or yourself)  : ‘Who is a Good friend ?’

Firstly this Good isn’t the one like Good friend – Bad friend. I don’t mean the person is good or bad. I mean how close he/she is to me.  ‘Good Friend’ is someone who :

  • Doesn’t let me feel uncomfortable if we happen to talk after long.
  • Feels excited at the thought of meeting me.
  • Always has something to talk about.
  • Finds me funny, talented and smart.
  • Is not hesitant to clear misunderstandings.
  • Remembers important days (like birthday ) without the help of facebook.
  • Doesn’t ignore my efforts to be in touch.
  • And most most important – reads this blog religiously.

It was the ultimate status symbol in school to have the maximum number of bands on your wrist. Never mind those friendship bands were mostly left over rakhi’s or just pieces of ribbon. I would tie bands to people just to ensure that I have enough bands to show-off at the end of day. The real pretty ones were kept exclusively for extremely special friends. So the bracelet sorts went only to max 2-3 people. They had to be hidden from teachers and tied/given to friends secretly in interval or at the chutti time. I have saved a lot of those bands as a memory from the past but now the thought of receiving or giving a ‘band’ makes me *shudder*. Don’t know why. Have I become old? I guess I would rather prefer that people be nice to me even behind my back, make me feel valued or help me when I need it the most (like exams) Clichéd as it sounds but, we don’t need a day to celebrate friendship yaar!

Best is when elders wish you Happy Friendship Day. Parents, uncles, aunties, cousins etc etc. Older generation I tell you. How am I supposed to react?! Today I went to a bank and there I saw the friendship ribbons (cant get myself to call them bands) on the hairy wrist of this full grown, otherwise sensibly dressed man who I think was a member of staff. Dude!

Frankly  I don’t even know WHY do we have a Friendship Day. There is some story I remember reading about 2 friends dying in US on the same day in 2 consecutive years but so what???! Here is thanking everyone who wished me Happy Friendship Day. I will say – Same to you. But next year, sit back and think for a moment before you include my name (or our name…the fellow blogger happens to fully agree with what I think) in the bulk messaging :-)

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

2 Aug

Genre : I dont know…Underworld saga?? Crime thriller??

Cast : Ajay Devgn, Kangna Ranaut, Emraan Hashmi, Prachi Desai, Randeep Hooda

NICE movie. Quite nice actually (like I had expected). The story is sort of predictable but not boring at all. Over the top fashion, action, acting…everything but it all fits well. Every dialogue is a philosophical statement. Very funny in places. Typical bollywood you would say. The movie was super fun because of all the seeti’s and taali’s at every important moment. Hero ki entry,  heroine ki entry, songs, kiss, dialogue vialogue…everything. I wasn’t expecting the seeti-tali crowd in Bombay. Not even in Regal. More so because of the whole ‘South Bombay’ thing. But it was coooooll!

Coming back to the movie. I lovvvvedd Kangna Ranaut and her clear skin. Prachi was also good. Cute. Ajay Devgan ke looks pe I wont comment but he’s good with the acting thing. Emraan Hashmi..looks like he is in some sort of trance the whole time. Also a little irritating with excessive dialogue-baji. AND, Randeep Hooooodaaa…how can someone be soo good looking? I still don’t know on which Don’s these people have based the movie. Dawood I guess..he’s the only name I know. The music isn’t bad. It sort of grows onto you.

I guess these Balaji people really know what people like to see. On television and on big screen!

Watch this one fast.

Khatta Meetha

23 Jul

Genere : Comedy

Starring : Akshay Kumar, Rajpal Yadav and others

Because I went with really really really low expectations so the movie wasn’t all that bad. Atleast before interval. Even though the jokes were forced and ridiculous but still funny because its hard not to laugh at Akshay Kumar. Saw Jhony Lever after really long and as usual he was unnecessary and irritating. Rajpal Yadav is the dude. There were 3 songs (plus 1 in the end with rolling credits. This song is ironically called “‘I am allergic to bullshit” ). Obviously all of them had no relation to script what-so-ever but I kinda like the 1st song (the one they keep playing on TV) and MARATHI RAP!! Now that was definitely a first time for me. The direction is extremely stupid. I wouldn’t go into the details except for this one awesome blooper…the heroin commits suicide in a saree (thats not the blooper) is operated, admitted in ICU in the same saree and even wears it to office next day. How cool is that. Besides that she is also quite forgiving (which is extremely misleading for the male population out there). She gets slapped by Akshay Kumar in college, meets him after a few years when he puts her career so much into trouble that she attempts suicide, STILL she forgives him when he gives a 2seconds speech. That too without a sorry. And probably I could have acted better than her! Eik mauke ki talaash hai…
They killed a lot of good people unnecessarily and I felt very bad :(

Watch it if your parents offer.

**Just by the way – The kid sitting behind me kicked the seat minimum 5 times, coffee mein sugar bohot kam tha.

Tere Bin Laden

21 Jul

Genere : Comedy

Starring : Ali Zafar (I dont know the names of other actors)

Nice one time watch but not worth Rs 150. The movie is based in Pakistan and is completely from the Paki point of view. Good comedy and realistic settings. I specially love the punjabi they speak. The Osama Bin Laden guy called Noora is fantabulous! And Ali Zafar is cute (I went only to watch him). Was expecting a little too much maybe so was dissapointed. The first half is quite nice but in the second half it looks like they ran out of ideas and just wanted to wrap the movie.

Would give it a 3/5 (co-blogger says 3.5) Watch only if you have nothing else to do AND the ticket is cheap.

Knight And Day

17 Jul

Genre : Action Comedy

Starring : Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

For the first 30minutes, I couldnt understand what is happening. Tom Cruise single handedly killed everyone on the plane including the pilots. He is every bit the typical bollywood hero who starts fighting anywhere and everywhere and never ever gets hit by a bullet. The only thing Cameron says is  “where am i?” and  “who are you?”  because she is repeatedly drugged by him for unkwon reasons. Its like watching a Hindi action movie dubbed in English and with better looking extras.

Do not waste money on this one. Dowanload it and watch if you MUST.